Changing the River

There are rivers that flow
Each generation steps into the waters of their family
Waters of the generations flow over and around each person
For some the waters flow sparkling past
Filled with love and contentment
For some the water flows inky black
Filled with pain and sorrow
Passed from one generation to another
Ripping through them till the waters run dark from them as well
But I will stand strong
Casting stones to either side
Building a dam to hold back the dark water
Standing firm in the center as the blackness assails me
Filtering as best I can the water as it passes
So my children and grandchildren step into cleaner water
Water filled with love and laughter
I will stand as a bulwark
And I will not yield

©2013 Leslie Whitcomb



The Earth Breathes

The Earth Breathes


I sat in the surf and let the water pass over me

I felt the pull of the currents

As they ebbed and flowed

The sand piled around me

Placed by the waves

I felt the breath of the earth

In each wave that moved over me

Breathing me into its depths

Releasing the pressure in my heart


I felt the wind toss my hair

Lifting the strands and moving them

I felt the peace of the earth

As it eased me into being

Creating a space of lightness

In those waves were dolphins

I saw them playing

I wanted to swim with them

To feel them buffet me

Bump me and move me toward the shore


I cried so often

Looking for who I was

Looking for who I should be

Grasping for something that I could hold

That would be mine

Something that did not say

“She is broken, she is bruised”

I sat and felt the water pass over me

I felt the earth breathe

I heard it whisper to me

“You are whole, you are precious,

You are mine”